It’s going to be a great 2019!

Now that we are officially into the new year, it’s a great time to think about our all around health.

My new years resolution includes de-stressing! I have started working out again (I was seriously lacking all through December and January!), eating right and of course continue to incorporate natural products into my routine.

Eating more fresh vegetables as well reducing high carbohydrate foods. Well that’s my goal anyway.

I know, we all say this at the beginning of the year but it really is a lifestyle change and it can be done. I think we sometimes need to set some reminders around the house to keep us on track. Maybe a chalkboard in the kitchen or a sharpie on the bathroom mirror with little notes to ourselves like keep it real, love natural, I love salad, feel strong and well you get the idea.

Yoga YES! Meditate YES! This is a wonderful way to de-stress and feels great too. Do you ever notice how energized  you feel after meditation and/or exercise? Suddenly all is good in the world 🙂 Love it!

Well I just wanted to say here’s to you and a great 2019!